Start your Xero training here … we are the place2train

We offer various levels of training delivered on line or in the workplace (COVID rules allowing).

We will work with you to discuss the level of training and will tailor the training specifically to your requirements.  

Introduction to Xero






You are new to Xero and would like to have an overall view of what happens in Xero.  This is a short 60 minute course
You know something about Xero but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right.  You want to know about monthly reports and payment runs.  You want to know about Hubdoc and how it can automate your data input and save your documents.
You want to move away from the shoebox of receipts.


You’ve mastered Xero to a certain level, now you want to take it further and find out if there is a better way of working. How you can get over some of those recurring problems.  How you can work with your reports to analyse your data. How you can input budgets and how to recode and ‘fix’ it.
You don’t use Xero much and you know you’re not getting the best from it.  You can’t quite remember how to do certain tasks.  
You want to now ‘how to …’ and you want a general catch up on Xero. 
Ad-hoc training covering anything you want it to cover. 
You ask the questions and we supply the answers.
You tell us what you want to know more about.
What is Hubdoc?
How will it help you to automate your data entry?
You want to move away from the shoebox of receipts.
Use your phone to capture receipts as they happen, no need to keep the paperwork.
What to expect ….
Training will be delivered by Bernie, a Xero-certified adviser with great experience. You will receive a pre-training call to discuss requirements and a post-training call to follow-up and ensure the training has hit the spot.